A Natural Progression

Some time in the distant past

before we knew about vaulting

GrandPoppy forgets that he really does not like horses, for just this wonderful minute

The Student - May 2002

Lois Dennison of Stearns Street, a Carlisle School sixth grader, joined her fellow members of the New England Valkyries Vaulting Team in performing a demonstration at the Norfolk County Agricultural Fair in Walpole. Vaulting is the sport of gymnastics on a moving horse. The team's coach, Rachel Webber, and their horse, Devon, have their home base at Apple Valley Farm in Harvard, Massachusetts

The Student - Fall 2003


The Young Coach (same kid, really)
†and the teacherís pet, Luke.

The Her Students

After 5 days of camp these vaulters:

Learned the stand,

To choreograph their own Kur


Their Teamwork and fun was demonstrated to a very small audience of excited parents on the last day.



Luke is such a good boy!

Erik Martonovich Gives Lois a Lift


(we shall see how long this picture is allowed J)


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