John Deere 755 – Attaching the Front End Loaded (Bucket)


1.)     Drive tractor between the lift arms. Tractor must be centered and parallel to the arms. The tolerance is < 1”. If not line up the attachment will not engage with the tractor hard points.

2.)     Connect Hoses – Described below

3.)     Unlock the loader latches pushing up and pulling back using both handles on either side of the cab.

4.)     Using the, now connected, hydraulics, adjust the height of the loader lift arms to just above height of tractor where the arms will rest, just forward of the cab.

5.)     Drive forward so the arms ends engage, with these hard points.

6.)     Using the hydraulics lift tractor wheels off the ground, raising the tractor up into the lift arms. This done by using down pressure on the bucket. (Push forward on the control in the cab.) See You Tube for a short video demonstration. watch @ 5:00 minutes to see how attachment lifts tractor up into the loader! This is a different model, but it is the same process.

7.)     With a helper confirm that the bosses (green) on both sides fully engage up and into with tractor mount/black points, just above the front axles.

8.)     Once in place engage the loader latches by pushing forward, then down to lock on both handles.


Connecting the Hoses

The nipples on the tractor are not marked. They are under the driver’s left foot, when seated in the cab. They are laid out in staggered pattern:

1 – Yellow


3 - Black



2 - Silver


4 -Green


Where each color indicates the hose action/function



Cylinder End*





Rod End

2 Push Right

Bucket Roll/Dump



Base End

1 Pull Left

Bucket Curl Up



Rod End

4 Pull Back

Lift Up



Base End

3 Push Forward

Lift Arm Down

“Cylinder End is from JD Bucket Book

If the hoses are not marked connect one hose at a time and observe which controller direction activate which function. Using this approach after 4 tests, you will know what the four hoses on the bucket do, which controller direction use which nipple. Tape and a marking pen make it easy to get the right connections quickly.

Nipples / extension hoses

Left Lift Arm hard point


Pull handle, then lift up into this area to unlock

Loader Latch must be unlocked before attaching loader.

View of Loader Latch from above


Lift Arm Boss engages from belowLeft Front wheelLoader Latch

Left Side looking forward at hard point and loader latch.

View of Lift Arm Boss engaged from below tractor hard point.



Standard control arrangement: Pulling back & left lifts and rolls bucket up. This action is much like curling your right hand to lift or gather. Note these numbers do NOT match the nipple positions.