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Andrew O. Dennison Résumé (pdf), (MS-Word 2003)



Dancing With Kathryn - Valentine's Day 2016

Woodworking Pictures

Woodworking (Album)

Barn Pictures

New Doors

Painted New Doors


Vaulting & Other Horse Stuff


CPD Birthday Tapes


Irene @ Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Feb 2010 – Diving Div III Video (You Tube)



Why I Think Vaulting Is a Great Sport  

Bear Spot Farm Demo - Vaulting WMV Movie (28 Meg) Takes a while to download, needs editing.

A Natural Progression

AVA Regionals Virginia 2007


Luke Goes To College

Tips & Tricks


Disabling A Network Connection

Visual Studio Integration for NUnit

Working With Regular Expressions

How to Get Help From a Friend - Remote Assistance

Digital Certificate Basics

How to Share VBA Macros - Macro Security and Digital Certificates

Making a Bootable USB Stick

Sending Large Files by Email

How to Rip and Burn Audio CD's Without Errors

Running VbScript Files From The Command Prompt

XP Search Companion – Annoyances (pdf)

Opening an old Lotus SpreadSheet (.wk1) -- Try opening it using MS-Works. I was able to open a .WK1 from 1991, using Works 7.0. You can then save it to a newer .XLS format, e.g. Excel 97-2000

Free Utilities

Handy Registry Settings – enables typing completion, and other useful shortcuts, mainly for MS developers

5 Button Mouse Bindings –  utility to assign key mappings on an Intellimouse. Useful for closing windows, especially console windows (N.B. Nick) May work for other 5 button mice too. Installation – expand zip file to its own directory. Run exe Usage instructions and source are in *.ahk


Tips for Getting Better Health Care

Find Consumer Reports Online, (pdf)


Westport School Days - Oral History

My Windows Home Server

John Deere 755

How to Attach Front Loader


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